Just Saying #14 a.k.a. I despair…..


My patio doors have recently sprung a leak so I had a man in the other day to fix them.  Whilst he was in the flat he took one look at the bookshelves in my lounge then said….

“Blimey that’s a lot of DVD’s”


“No, They’re BOOKS” said I, and in my head I shed a silent tear….

Rant the fourth


Today I am sick and tired, I have had enough of the inability of individuals to do their jobs in a prompt and timely manner and to keep the lines of communication open and regularly updated, and it’s all over a flaming car.

Alas some time ago the Boyfriend’s car coughed and spluttered it’s last and went to car heaven.

In order to save ourselves time, money and hassle (or so we thought) I ordered a replacement car through a scheme that runs in conjunction with my work.

That was three months ago. I still don’t have the car.

The original order went through on the 25th March, and a week later we were told that delivery could be expected week commencing 13th May.

‘Fantastic’, thought I, that’s only a few weeks away we can muddle along with just the one car until then.

When the anticipated day of delivery arrived, I went online to check that all was still OK and we could look forward to getting our car. At which point I was astounded to find that my anticipated day for delivery had been moved by six weeks to the 24th June.

The next three days were a series of promised call backs not made, misinformation passed on, a profusion of apologies being given, and the promise that because the dealer had ‘dropped the ball’ on this one by not telling me of the delay when they became aware of it two weeks earlier, someone ‘higher up’ the food chain in this process would be keeping a closer eye on my order from now on.

Oh and the reason I was going to have to wait?

“You ordered white.”

It appears that had I chosen any other colour it would be sitting in the car dealer waiting for me, but no, because I wanted white, they couldn’t supply me with an accurate date because Kia, were having a ‘supply/demand issue’ with that colour. Yes, you read that correctly, apparently Kia had run out of white….

I was given the option to change the colour, or suck it up and continue to wait. So we discussed the options, and chose to wait. I really wish we hadn’t bothered.

You see now my car is sitting in the dealership, and it has been for four days, but can I get it delivered? Don’t be so silly.

I’ve chased the dealer they can’t release the car until they get they get the go ahead from the third party buyer who ordered it. I chased the third party buyer and they can’t release it until they get the say so from my workplace.
They asked the authorising person in my workplace on Monday. She still hasn’t bothered to get back to them with a yes or no answer.

It’s been four days, four days for one person to answer one email simply.

I am tired of having to chase people up for information on what is happening with the car I ordered, and to get them to do their job.

It has been 13 weeks since we ordered the car, 17 weeks since the old car went to the scrap heap, and the toll of running one vehicle is really starting to show on the Boyfriend. He has been relying on lifts, to get him everywhere, and this has meant instead of working his usual 8/9 hour days, he has been working pretty much constant 12 hour days, five days a week with a six hour day on a Saturday, for all of that time.

He is exhausted, and it’s starting to cause problems, with his health, his general well being, and personality.

All because three companies cannot talk to each other in a timely manner, and another doesn’t know how to plan

Get you frickin shit together people, and get me my bloody car!