Universal Truths #8


Table top games are awesome. ¬†Particularly when it’s The Big Bang Theory Cluedo…..


Just Saying #14 a.k.a. I despair…..


My patio doors have recently sprung a leak so I had a man in the other day to fix them.¬† Whilst he was in the flat he took one look at the bookshelves in my lounge then said….

“Blimey that’s a lot of DVD’s”


“No, They’re BOOKS” said I, and in my head I shed a silent tear….

Silver linings #2


I travelled 1,027 miles in one day so my partner could buy me a specific pedigree cat I desperately wanted and that the breeder had reserved for me.

When I got there I couldn’t have him, my emotional baggage wouldn’t let me.

But his Sister? Well, she just fitted the bill perfectly.