Just Saying #14 a.k.a. I despair…..


My patio doors have recently sprung a leak so I had a man in the other day to fix them.¬† Whilst he was in the flat he took one look at the bookshelves in my lounge then said….

“Blimey that’s a lot of DVD’s”


“No, They’re BOOKS” said I, and in my head I shed a silent tear….

Silver linings #2


I travelled 1,027 miles in one day so my partner could buy me a specific pedigree cat I desperately wanted and that the breeder had reserved for me.

When I got there I couldn’t have him, my emotional baggage wouldn’t let me.

But his Sister? Well, she just fitted the bill perfectly.


Rant the second


Cat the fourth was castrated today. This was supposed to calm him down. Every cat I’ve had before him has come back from the vets on castration day subdued, miserable and generally feeling very, very sorry for themselves.

But, oh no, not Pockets.

He has come back bigger, badder, and infinitely more unstoppable than before.

From being a kitten that wasn’t overly bothered about feeding of when he ate, so long as food was there, he’s demolished two whole servings of food in the few hours he’s been home.

He’s also run frantically non-stop around the flat, and wanted to incessantly play ‘fetch’ with the ice pop stick he retrieved from under the sofa.

He’s been a nightmare thundering around, scratching, biting and clawing kitten ever since we got him. I was hoping this would stop him, or at least slow him down. No such luck. FFS.